Europe, North America, Asia – all over the world, people can’t get enough of our Brands. We’ve taken the cream of British fashion to over 40 countries – and we’re still expanding. Since hitting Broadway in style in 2009, we’ve opened stores in Chicago, Vegas, LA, Houston and Atlanta.

Expanding globally means great opportunities. New cultures, new people – there’s a whole world of TOPSHOP TOPMAN out there to explore. Our Managers get the chance to support new store set-up overseas – the perfect opportunity to do something really different.



Meet The Team

Franki, Product Manager Franki, Product Manager >>
<p>Franki, Product Manager at Topshop South Africa:</p> <p>"Working for the brand has helped me strive for synergy between vision, passion and knowledge."</p>
Brodie, Store Manager Brodie, Store Manager >>
<p>Brodie, Store Manager at Topshop Topman Toronto, Canada:</p> <p>"I love the reaction I get when I tell people I work for TOPSHOP TOPMAN. I'm always like - Yeah, my company's diverse, my company's trendy, my company's passionate...where do you work?"</p>
Chloe, Team Leader Chloe, Team Leader >>
<p>Chloe, Team Leader at Quebec ON, Canada:</p> <p><span>"What I love most about working for Topshop Topman is the friendly environment as well as the constant support I get from my team. The knowledge and experience that I have gained throughout the years have helped me grow within the company and only make me want to keep growing!"</span></p>
Zara, Area Manager Zara, Area Manager >>
<p>Zara, Area Manager, Toronto Canada:</p> <p><span>"What I find most thrilling about my role is being able to represent Topshop Topman in Canada whilst keeping the integrity and customer expectations true to brand. It is a rewarding experience when customers, who have shopped in different markets, are able to leave our stores feeling like the product, visual, creative, culture and experience was matched. I feel pride saying I work for Topshop Topman and look forward to each upcoming season with anticipation and delight waiting to see what’s around the corner!"</span></p>
Cindy, Store Manager Cindy, Store Manager >>
<p>Cindy, Store Manager at Calgary AB, Canada:</p> <p><span>“What I love the most about being a part of the TOPSHOP TOPMAN family is how I am able to act as an owner operator and really own the business. Everyday becomes a learning experience that has helped further my career and growth.”</span></p>
Kelebogile, Admin Manager Kelebogile, Admin Manager >>
<p>Kelebogile, Admin Manager - South Africa:</p> <p>"My position has allowed me the opportunity to gain valuable practical skills, this has helped me in working towards obtaining my degree in consumer phycology."</p>
Dean, Store Manager Dean, Store Manager >>
<p>Dean, Store Manager - South Africa:</p> <p>"I love Topshop Topman's interpretation of current fashion trends and the ability to transcend the ordinary, bringing new innovative looks to the market. My experience has been fulfilling and I have learnt a lot in my time spent as part of a dynamic and energetic team."</p>
David, Product Manager David, Product Manager >>
<p>David, Topman Product Manager - South Africa:</p> <p>"Coming into contact with dynamic leaders has helped me step up my own professional game, leading to significant personal development."</p>